Jarid Kohlrieser


Jarid Kohlrieser is the lead singer and frontman of the Country band  Haywired. Born and raised in rural Northwest Ohio, he has been singing  and entertaining since he was 8 years old. Since those early days of  performing he has since played at many different venues from around the  area. Some of his biggest accomplishments were winning the Clear Channel  T-102 Country Star Playoffs Contest in 2010, performing at the Ohio  State Fair, and performing at the Ohio Fairs and Festivals Convention.  With Jarid’s sweet clear sounding voice and high energy stage presence,  he will be sure to get the crowd on their feet.  

Matt Rainsburg


 Matt  Rainsburg plays both lead and rhythm guitars as well as doing backup  vocals for Haywired. He has played in the Carolina's for about 15 years  with bands like The Golden Seal Root Band, 20 After 4, TrainWreck and a  side project called Friend's of Joe. His styles derive from classic  rock, folk and alternative style with a touch of the blues. His  biggest influences have always been Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page and a  dream of one day being as good as Chet Atkins or Brad Paisley and he is  well on his way. Matt is known to really get into the music and just let  it fly off his fingers.  

Zach Whetstone


 Zach  Whetstone is the bassist for Haywired. Zach has been in bands that have  toured all over the US. Zach is comfortable whether laying down a solid  country run bassline, kicking it up with some rock or metal or slapping  the funk out of his 8 string, yes 4 and 6 just wasn't enough so now he's  got 8. When it comes to bass players there is nothing more you can ask  for. His stage presence is amazing and his instrumental abilities are  phenomenal. Zach is a fun guy to be on stage with and lays down a solid  rockin bass line for the band. 

David Gregory


David  has been playing for the last 12 years but you'd think he's played all  his life after hearing him!! David comes from a rock genre and has been  in bands all around the Cinncinati, Dayton, and Greenville areas. His  biggest influences are Tommy Lee, Dave Ghroul, Chad Szeliga, and Lars  Ulrich. David is originally from Cincy and he has travled the country  and travled the world. The favorite part about playing the drums, is  playing in front of a crowd! It makes it that much sweeter!!